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This Gallery of pictures form the Montreal Botanical Garden is dedicated to creating a collection of photographs that will hopefully be used for future fundraisers benefiting the:

1. Marie-Victorin Fund. Brother Marie Victorin was Instrumental in the creation of the Montreal Botanical Garden

2. Les Amis du Jardin botanique de Montréal
The First Emperor's Procession / La parade du premier empereur - IRChinese Lanterns - Montreal Botanical GardenLike A Painting - Chinese Lanterns 2010 Montreal Botanical GardenThe Boulder / Le monolithe - IRChinese Garden - Infrared  / Jardin de Chine - InfrarougeChinese Garden - Infrared / Jardin de Chine - InfrarougeThe Gift Shop at the Chinese Garden - IRFirst Nations Garden  - InfraredJardin botanique de Montréal - InfrarougeJapanese Cherry Tree - IR - Prunus serrulataThe Pond at the Tree House "Maison de l'arbre" / L'étang de la Maison de l'arbreMORPHO COPULATIONCaterpillar / ChenilleCaterpillar / ChenilleBlue Morpho Butterfly/ Papillon Morpho Bleu - Morpho helenorButterfly Eggs / Oeufs de PapillonBlue Morpho Wings Open on red flowers / Morpho Bleu les ailes ouvertes sur fleurs rougeBlue Morpho / Morpho Bleu - Morpho helenor Wings OpenBlue Morpho Wings Closed / Morpho Bleu ailes fermées

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