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Welders Installing Videotron Antenna on top of the St-Vital Church SteepleThe Cow that Farts! - Restaurant - La Vache qui p�te!CojonesBREAKING NEWS: Steve Troletti, Photographer and Adventurer, Finds the Entrance to THE BAT CAVE!The Haunted House / La Maison Hant�eStatue of Queen Victoria Disguised as part of the Occupy Montreal ProtestThrough the Windows - IR B&WFrom the Old to the New / De l'ancien au nouveauMontreal's Notre-Dame Basilica / La basilique Notre-Dame de MontréalOpération déneigement  / Opération déneigementRed Slide in Snow / Glissade rouge dans la neigesBench in Snow with Manhole / Banc de parc dans la neige et égoutFire Hydrant in the Snow / Borne d'incendie dans la neigeMichael Jackson dangling baby from third story windowSHUSH!

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