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Updated on an almost daily basis. A good way to see my latest photos.
Portrait of a Tricolored heronSouthern Arizona - IRBrown pelican in flightcactus wren /  Troglodyte des cactusGreat egret (Ardea alba)Kayak Landing - IR61st Street Fishing Pier in GalvestonGreat White Pelican  -  Happy HolidaysGriffon vulture / Eurasian Griffon - Gyps fulvusBaby Gator in the swampTiny Planet - Montreal's Place d'Armes Square and the Notre-Dame Basilica at nightMont-Sainte-Anne - IRChamplain's Farm - La Petite-Ferme du cap Tourmente2019 Photto Challenge WEEK 48: ElectricityThe Solitary Tree / L'arbre SolitaireMaison de la Grande Ferme du Cap TourmenteMigrating Snow Geese feeding at low tideTricolored heron in flight / Aigrette tricoloreIn support of EARTH STRIKE for Friday September 27, 2019

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